Hello world!

After a long time,finally I’m back with this crappy-Coup D’etat. Why me?How could you do this to me?I’m tired for thinking everything hardly..

Maybe this is the right time to make an decision for my own life. As a woman, I had a natural feeling to make my tattered heart become a healed heart. Actually, this matter never be simple like we wonder. A couple years that we spent for someone that we know he can’t be with us,that’s stupid! But why,many people doing something-stupid like that? Can’t you explain with a simple word? I’ll try to share my mind about this shitty-matter. Everything happen with a reason,i believe in this classic word. Mostly, a woman will stay-loving and caring that “someone” because of a comfort feeling. Not just a common comfort,but highly-comfort feeling that they got from that “someone”. When that comfort feeling become a habit, the giant problem has coming. Our mind would fill with many useless-item that can destroy our logic-thinking. We would just choose a justification to make us feel safe for decision that we make before. A decision for keeping that comfortable shitty-matter, even just a pseudo-feeling.

 Some of us say that we’d rather have something than nothing at all. But the truth is to have something halfway is harder than not having it at all. So, that’s not a worth decision for keeping the feeling for someone that only give nothing. Finish all the upheaval feelings and immediately goes forward.

to be continue..

Re/5 months ago