Feeling so heartbreaking after realize that i live without “myself” in nine month till today. Desperately wanna run away but still have many priority that i need to reach is pitiful. Where am I?Who am I?and Why am I being here?? That’s questions flying like a mockingjay bird on my head. I cant give them my answer,and even to me instead. How shameful!!

In other way, i felt like nothing problem happened to me. I felt so great everyday! Before i realized that i just pretend to be okay. I just wanna make others feel great after seeing me or hearing about my life. I just like wearing a mask in front of others. This is not me! And i just wanna others happy for me,but i’m not happy inside. Right now, i cant conclude that this theory was wrong or right. Maybe,i’m too overact! Or maybe i’m too less concerned about my real feeling. So,lets just say that im in a mess..