Thing morning, i just got a mixed felling..

i don’t know really what i feel.when i try hard to push my brain to realize that,i got headache instead.

What is that?It’s all about my mistake..Something happened,and i can’t fixed it with my own strength.It was happened a long time ago,and i was tried to make it okay..

Now,i just feel that i can’t do anything,except a i want to do when that problem was start..

Thanks for God,you,us,them..i will grow up with that,you too..them too..:)

“The answer is very unusual for it to be”
Everything that we had done never mean to be something
Please don’t treat me like a toy that is only played once in a while when you feel lonely
In fact I know you just want to make it comfortable and it is without any sense of
As did I do during this time
Because by treating me like it would only make a big hole in my heart
Because this habit can create a new disease that will be difficult to treat this with a smile later
So better treat me like the previous”


11 April 2012


And finally i just wanna say goodbye to my mistake..

Bittersweet mistake..