Learning and learning again,this word cant stop singing in my ears..even if i try to avoid problems,but i have learn something inside.

That’s not about dissapointment case,really. It was a little something that can make me full grown like others,maybe.

something happens,as a problem or not it’s all about our own sight.something happens and makes you destroy or happy?It’s all about our wise to respond it..

Once again,This is my early adulthood..So,i should act like someone who was adult..for some matter and some people.

And about the view of good or bad,that’s too easy for me to respond it..so simple!

You just need to hear your heart to make sure about that..Because that matter can only be answered by ourselves,no others.

MY LIFE IS NEVER SIMPLE..many people said that my life isn’t complicated,.whereas,that person are not to familiar with me..

They need alot learn about me,.cause actually i have a different side..

I never regret anything, because every little detail of my life is what made me into who I am in the end.

Dancing in the rain..for some reason..be positive!